Cwbim introduces new visual identity

Cwbim Digital Engineering has just changed its visual identity to mark the new phase of the company. The new identification features the colors orange and black, and the logo reveals key elements for the company’s work, such as compatibility, structures, quality, accuracy and time. “We started cwbim totally focused on the development of BIM, but now our focus is Engineering and this change came to demonstrate this, not only in our day to day but also for our customers and partners,” says engineer Leandro Brito .

According to the engineer Cassiano Marins, the new phase of the company aims to offer an approach focused on technology and knowledge. “We will adopt methods and procedures observed in the naval and offshore industry, working directly on the BIM model and observing the different phases of the project and their levels of detail to properly classify the elements of the model, effectively integrating the various disciplines of the project,” he says

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