International School Expansion

“The case of the International School of Curitiba, carried out in 2015, presents an important aspect of cwbim’s methodology: detailing a project at the construction level, that is, planning a project with all the necessary elements to carry it out and avoid decisions Often result in rework and loss of efficiency.

The scope of this case consisted of mounting a facade of ACM material (composite aluminum plate), which covered the entire environment of the school’s sports gym. The ACM is a very peculiar material and has high cost and extensive delivery time. The deadline, being a material imported from China, is about 120 days to arrive in Brazil. Therefore, it is a critical item in the planning phase and requires careful consideration at the time of the purchase decision.

According to the builders, the common problem at the time of the purchase of ACM is the excess purchase, generating a high expense and, in the end, a leftover that would not be used later. On the other hand, if the material is bought in less quantity , Obliges the construction company to make another request, which would take another 120 days. This wear could be greater if the tone of the plate were different, which would result in sending back to the supplier and requesting the right color.

In this project, cwbim made a survey based on the elevation of the project, which resulted in a need of about 1,600m² of ACM. However, when the construction company bought the material, the construction team pointed out that it would be important to have 2,200m² due to the large number of losses that could occur when inserting the plates on the facade (about 30%).

To try to get the number closest to the first count in the project, the builder asked the ACM installer to explain how the preparation and installation of the board is performed; From the handling to the fitting of the material. Using the knowledge presented, the cwbim team adjusted the project with all the necessary details, in order to have the lowest possible loss. To achieve this goal, cwbim chose Graphisoft Archicad software because of its flexibility and ability to classify geometric elements. Since ACM is not a standard element within any BIM software, the use of this platform was adequate and from the modeling of primitive elements, an accurate and accurate extraction of the coating was possible.

When finalizing, the necessary quantity happened to be 1.800sqm, that is, 200sqm more of the first realized realization and 400sqm less than it was proposed to buy. In this budget already is included the loss of 8% of the material, which is normal in any work.

The great challenge was to pass confidence on this number within the work. For security, the builder of the enterprise requested that 10 more boards be purchased (totaling 75m²).

At the end of the construction, the result was satisfactory: the project carried out by cwbim was with the correct ACM count, leaving the 10 most purchased plates. Accuracy was satisfactory, did not generate wastage of material and also avoided delays or new requests for ACM. The work was delivered on time.

According to cwbim, the work of the company is to analyze what is critical in the work and what parts are lacking in order to have a better “constructability”. “We identified the key points of the work and these were developed in a level of constructive detail, or LOD 400. In this particular case, as it was a school and the final customer was not so much familiar with construction, there was some difficulty in communication between Client-builder and, as our project was assertive, the model managed to simplify this dialogue, “they reveal.

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